"My son is 6 years old and had a poor skating technique and habit. I found Sandra and she immediately recognized what needed to be corrected. She is an excellent skater, very knowledgeable, patient, friendly, great communicator and great with kids. I had put my son in various city run programs as well as skating clubs but all had the same poor result....too many teenagers that are not motivated or skilled enough improve ones skating. In my case, Sandra works one on one with my son and has fostered a great rapport with him. She can be stern and ensure he is focused or sensing a need for a break can shift to more relaxed / fun exercises. My son now enjoys playing hockey so much more now that he is getting a solid skating foundation under him. Thanks Sandra!" 

Gary Kinoshita (Father of Xavier, age: 6)

"I have 3 daughters 5,7 and 10. Within the first couple of lessons with Sandra, I noticed my children were skating more independently - their form and posture were better. Previously, I enrolled them in group lessons at the skating rink for a 10-week program and I hardly noticed any differences or improvements in my kids' skating. I decided to go the private lesson route, and I noticed the kids didn't fall as much as they did before after receiving guidance from Sandra. It cost me more, but in the long-run, I'm seeing a big improvement. There's definitely a certain technique that she uses that works for my kids. They also look forward to their skating lessons with her and can't stop talking about how much fun they have on the ice at school. I am noticing that Sandra incoporates play-based learning for my youngest daughter, and really ensures their success through incentives at the end of each class. Thank you for making my kids' skating lessons enjoyable and effective. I am a very happy mom and so happy to have found Sandra as our instructor!

Marissa Villorio (Mother of Chelsea (age: 5), Rebecca (age: 7) and Michelle (age: 10)

"I am 30 years old and always wanted to be able to skate since I was a child. Other than a few group lessons over the years I never developed the confidence needed to skate well. As a result, I was always very hesitant and nervous on the ice. This year I decided to try private skating lessons and I am so glad that I did. Sandra Soldera is my Figure Skating Coach and she is amazing! In just a few short months I have learned skills that I never thought I would ever be able to do as an adult. This is all thanks to Sandra’s effective coaching technique. She introduces new skills at each lesson and builds upon them at subsequent lessons. She is patient, motivating and works with your level. As an added bonus, I feel like I have had a great workout after a lesson! I can see results each time I am on the ice. Not only that, I can feel my confidence improving off the ice too! Taking private skating lessons with Sandra has been one of the best decisions I have made for my health, fitness and overall well-being"

Natalie Muccioli (age 30)