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Aim Above SWIM School Youtube Video

On June 28, 2012 - Aim Above Swim School showcased two students: Matthew Leung (8 years old) & Katherine Leung (5 yrs old). Matthew is working on Ranger Patrol (Level 8) and Katherine just passed (Ultra Swim 2). Look at our swim instructor: Sandra Soldera teaching in action. Katherine Leung can now jump in all by herself. This was once a girl who was extremely scared of jumping in the water when she started with Aim Above Swim School. She can now kick on her back independently with minimal assistance too. Wow!

Matthew is performing breast stroke and his kneeling dive. Katherine is gliding on her back with kicking all the way across the pool. Enjoy!

Certified Swim Instructor: Sandra Soldera

Lee's Kneeling Dive (Assisted)

On Sunday March 2, 2014 - Aim Above Swim School showcased 4 year old Lee Thung from Toronto. He is working on Level 2 and 3 and did an assisted kneeling dive for the first time! This was a boy who could even dream of even attempting to jump in, let alone dive. With the assistance of our swim instructor: Sandra Soldera, Lee is able to obtain proper form while diving while catching a few toy rockets at the bottom of the pool ;). Way to go Lee!!